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Although Installing Barn Doors is fairly simple, here are some common questions with answers and tips:

What is the average shipping time?

Hardware: 5-7 business days production, 2-4 days in transit
Doors:6-8 weeks production, 2-4 days transit – UPS Freight

How much bigger should the door be than the opening?

At least 2 inch wider on each side and 1 inch taller, or from trim to trim around an encased door.

I have a custom job, are you able to build hardware specific to my need?

Absolutely, we can get you any hardware for your custom door.

How thick are your doors?

Our doors come standard 1 1/2″- 1 3/4″ depending on the style.

What does “Pre-Hung” mean?

These custom made doors come attached to the hardware you ordered. The hardware is attached to a matching headboard, which make installation for you easy and with out hassle.


Yes, our hardware is manufactured to clear any standard molding, trim, or door frame on an existing doorway. The standard spacer is 1 1/2″. We also have spacers ranging from 1″- 2 1/2″ upon request.

How to install the hardware with a header board:

To secure the track to the wall and add support for the heavy barn door, cut a 1" x 4"mounting board the same length as, but a little wider than, the track. Use the drywall anchors, spacers and lag bolts to secure the mounting board. In this project, the mounting board was painted black and the edges rounded slightly for a more finished appearance.